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. . . . empowering Thai Pastors and Thai Churches!
On the evening of that first day of the week, when the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jewish leaders, Jesus came and stood among them and said, "Peace be with you!" John 20:19.
May we, who bear His name, celebrate this Easter with a renewed hope that THE RESURRECTED CHRIST is standing among us!.CHRIST IS RISEN. . . . .HE IS RISEN INDEED! Blessings to each of you and your loved ones!
Daniel Khamsaen, Chairman, Vision Thailand Ministries
For almost three years, Vision Thailand Canada and Partners International Canada have been partnering in Thailand in a limited fashion, even as deliberations were ongoing between the two Boards. We are very happy to report to you that last month, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to come together fully as one united mission. We give all praise to God for bringing us together and thank you, our prayer and financial supporters. The vision and mission will remain the same, Lord willing, only bigger now! For those of you unfamiliar with Partners International, their philosophy of ministry is exactly the same as Vision Thailand - equipping and empowering the national church leaders in their respective countries. Please check them out at www.partnersinternational.ca.

New Church Plant from a year ago - The Church of Peace in Kanchanaburi Province

First Christmas Celebration in December 2020 at another new church plant:

- Lakchai, Kamphaeng Saen LIFE GOAL CHURCH


Baby Dedication at Bann Naa Church.


Vision Thailand Community Daycare Center run by one of our churches


Vision Thailand clean water project - six bore wells continue to provide clean drinking water to a number of hill tribes communities.

  • Please pray for all of our pastor families. They are under many pressures working in predominantly non-Christian communities.

  • Pray that they are kept safe (physical and spiritual) and be bold in sharing the gospel.

  • Pray for continued open doors for the gospel to make its way across our country.

  • Pray that we keep our vision sharp and not deviate from it.

  • Pray for the newly baptized believers to stay strong in their faith as family and communal pressures are intense.

  • Pray that the unified mission with Partners International will go as planned for the glory of God.

  • On behalf of everyone at Vision Thailand Ministries, THANK YOU for your partnership in sharing the Gospel!

  • Thank you for your ongoing prayer and financial support.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Vision Thailand Canada, I want to thank you for joining us in serving Thailand in the name of Christ! Thank you for supporting the mission in the following ways!
  • directly through our website at visionthailand.ca,
  • send a cheque payable to: Vision Thailand Canada, 1 Keefer Road, St.Catharines, Ontario, L2M 6K4,
  • you can commit to an ongoing monthly contribution through your financial institution, and even designate to one of the following ministries:
Church Planter Training, Supporting a Pastor's family, Prison Ministries, Ministry to the Widows starting a new life, Thai Bibles and Gospel Booklets, Fish Ponds, Pig Project, Chicken Project, Mushroom project, Goat project, or to the general budget to be used as needed.
-For more detailed information, please visit visionthailand.org , visionthailand.ca or email vidyanarimalla@gmail.com

Vidya Narimalla, Chairman, Vision Thailand Canada