Mrs. Nuuna   

For many years I have been sick all the time. The doctors were not much help. Then some believers prayed for me, and I became strong and healthy in a few days. Now I am so excited to tell others about Jesus because I love Him so much. We have been inviting people to bring the sick people to the church to be prayed for. One night, we had more than 20 who came to be prayed for and God healed some of them. We have also been praying for more employment for our believers, as there has been very little work. Praise God this month, our believers have all been able to get more days of work.

Mr. Asor   

I praise God 5 new believers in June and 7 who were Baptized I who believed in March or April. We now have 22 people attending the service each month in our new church plant

Mrs. Tuangrut   

This month 3 people gave their lives to Lord and seven people were baptized. It's exciting to see our church growing now

Mrs. Ning   

I have been disciplining 3 new believers this month. I thank God for the opportunity to care for these new sheep. Now they are learning to pray and read the Bible.

Mrs. Sutarort   

I am very grateful for the training I am receiving at the VT Leadership Development and Church Planting School. I accepted Christ when I was 14, but was not very involved in my faith. Now I have a passion to serve God and am learning so much at the school to help me to serve God more.

Mr. Sor and his wife Oarm   

We praise God for answered prayers for our youngest son. His twin died at childbirth eight months ago and our son was in ICU for the first 5 months of his life. Every day the doctors told us to give up because our son would not live, but we kept trusting and praying along with other churches in VT. Now our son is home with us, is fit and healthy and very mischievous. The doctors are amazed and say he is healthy now because of our Faith in God.

Mrs. Nana   

I am 65 years old. Pastor Somchai and the members of Praise church visited me when I was very sick with fevers and had painful kidney stones. I was admitted to hospital with fevers and back pain from hematoma. While in hospital, I had a powerful experience at night, when a man in glowing white appeared to me and said He loved me and I would learn more about him from the Christians who visited me.

The next day when they visited me, I told them of my experience. They told me it was the God who made me and sent his Son to die for me. They asked to pray for me and help be me become a child of God. Now my life has completely changed. I have been completely healed after a few weeks. Now I have been baptized and have opened up my house to be a worship Centre. Now there are 12 new believers in my village, and we are excited to worship when pastor Somchai comes every week.

Mrs. Mali   

I Thank God for a team of 14 young people from our church have been trained to go out to share their personal testimony and encourage believers in our 4 churches and Outreach Centers. One night, we felt we touched the presence of The Holy Spirit powerfully. He was among us as we prayed for the sick, encouraged the weak, or asked God to strengthen the members love for the Lord more in their lives.

Mrs. Nati   

I am 45 years old and want to tell you what God has done for me.

Before I was a Christian I was an alcoholic and had a terrible gambling addiction. I hardly looked after myself any more. One day Mrs. Nana my neighbor visited me and told me about Jesus who can help me stop my addictions. I opened my heart and cried for God to help me. He healed me instantly that day. And since then I am no longer an addict and don’t gamble and have been completely healed. Now I have been baptized and I like to tell other people about Jesus who can help them like He helped me. My friends and people in the village that know me are completely amazed at how much I have changed and don’t drink anymore.

My husband who still loved me even though I was not a good wife. He has been so amazed at how much I have changed that he has now become a believer as well and just got baptized this month.

Mr. Taw & Mrs. Kradae   

This month we have spent lots of hours visiting every new believer and following up with those that have shown interest in the gospel over the last few months. We have driven hundreds of kilometers on our small motorbike, and some nights have got home after midnight. However it’s a great joy when one person believes, so we consider it an honor to serve God. At one house we visited, the couple had split up after bad fights. Taw spent time with the husband and I spent time with the wife. We taught them to forgive and ask Gods help. Then we brought them back together in the evening. Praise God they are now coming to church and become stronger in their faith with God.

Mr. Jakhue   

We have a person in our church who suffered with mental issues for a long time. Our church has been praying for him and he has been totally healed now and can talk again like normal

Mr. Man   

In May we had 5 new believers and many others who are interested in the gospel and coming to church sometimes. In June some more have believed and 2 people who became Christians earlier this year have now been baptized

Mrs. Binkaew   

We have been praying for one lady who has been sick & paralyzed for two years. She couldn’t walk at all. We visited her and prayed for her regularly but there was not much change. Then this month, every day we visited and prayed she has become stronger. And we can see God working in her life. Now she can sit and even crawl to the bathroom. We are excited to keep praying for her to be completely healed.

Mrs. Kanikar   

My husband and I have started a children’s ministry in a new village so we can get close to the families. We have more than 15 children now who come, and some of the parents come to watch what we do. We are praying for Sunday school resources, coloring pencils etc. and for children and their families to come to Christ.”
Mrs. Ning says “I have been discipling 3 new believers this month. I thank God for the opportunity to care for these new sheep. Now they are learning to pray and read the Bible.