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We prepare workers and plant churches.

At our Leadership Development and Church Planting school, we have been training staff since 2011. To participate, students must complete a recognized discipleship-training program and have been active in their faith for at least two years beforehand. Students must feel called by God into the ministry. They attend the school for two years while assisting a senior pastor with a new church plant. They must attend school five days a month, followed by three weeks of practical ministry held at a church plant.

As of today, VT has grown to 45 registered churches or outreach centres registered.  We also have 6 outreach centres that have between 3 and 15 members each that are not yet registered because we like to observe them for at least a year to ensure that they are operating consistently before registration.  That adds up to a total of 51 church plants.  Furthermore, we have identified several new areas where we anticipate growing new churches.  We also have 2 churches in Burma, 1 in Laos, 1 in Vietnam and 2 in Cambodia who depend on VT for leadership.  These churches are not registered with VT because they are not in Thailand and don’t receive financial support from VT however they do receive leadership assistance from their “mother church” which is in Thailand.